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Delhi Minorities Commission has been created by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi to safeguard the rights and interest of minority communities in the NCT of Delhi for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Chairman is the Head of the Commission.

Minority Community means community notified as such by the Central Govt. as per the provisions of the National Commission for Minorities Act 1992. Muslims, Sikh, Christian, Parsi and Buddhist communities are declared as minority communities.


    The Commission has an advisory role while
  • Examining the working of various safeguards provided in the Constitution of India or laws enacted by Parliament and the laws passed by the Legislative Assembly of Delhi for the protection of the Minority Communities, and to make recommendations to ensure their effective implementation.
  • Submitting a special report on matters of public importance pertaining to the interest of the minority community.
  • Having right to be heard by the Minister in charge i.e. C.M.
  • Preparing an annual report which is to be laid before the Assembly.


  • It is a redressal forum for grievances received from people of minority communities.
  • An individual can file a complaint either online or in person or by post in duplicate against any discrimination on the grounds of his religion of the minority community. The Commission calls for a report from the concerned Department or Agency on the complaint. The report is examined in the Commission vis--vis facts given in the complaint. After examination the complainant is apprised of the report asking him to send some fresh facts if any or objections to the report. If some fresh facts are received, again a report is called from the concerned department or agency in the light of fresh facts and then the individual is apprised of the same. In case no fresh facts are received from the complainant within a period of 15 days after perusal of the report, the complaint is filed.
  • The complaints received from other than minority communities, anonymous complaint and against the matter which is sub judice are not entertained.
  • As a redressal forum it is a quasi-judicial body having all powers of a civil court to the extent of enforcing attendance of witnesses and summoning records, recording evidence on oath, while trying a suit.


  • The Commission can monitor the various welfare activities undertaken by the Govt. department in respect of minority communities like maternal and child health under primary health care scheme undertaken by MCD, Education, grant of minority status to the educational institutions run by the minority community.
  • Economic upliftment through income generation activities.
  • Grant of loans for self employment to people of minority communities by Delhi Schedules Caste/Scheduled Tribe and Minorities Financial Development Corporation. Govt.of DelhiI.


Research studies would be conducted to make recommendations to the Government and monitor and evaluate the various schemes of the different Govt. agencies for effective service delivery, and filling up of gaps in implementation.


The Commission also envisages to conduct workshops and seminars on issues pertaining to minorities.


Education and awareness creation on issues pertaining to the welfare/interest of the minorities, as the means of empowerment alongwith promotion of communal harmony through Quami Ekta Sessions throughout the Union Territory.

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